Exposed Photography

Where are we going?

Taken in Noir Flohay, North-East of Belgium

Break the code

Lined up train axels, Antwerp Harbor

End of the consultation

Taken at an abandoned printing factory. The visuals of the room, together with the mood reminded me of an old doctor's consultation room.

Rail Zero

What Lies Beyond

Sitting in a chair, nothing to do, only silence in the room. Wondering what lies behind those windows...

Children stopped playing

Before the storm

This image was taken along the Opal Coast in Northern France. Wind was blowing more intensely, I needed to take the image quickly before rain was going to drench me completely.

Etel Boat Graveyard

Etel Ship Graveyard

Etel Boat Graveyard

Etel Ship Graveyard

Warehouse Road

Taken in the old part of the Harbor of Antwerp

The Mystical Tree


This is me on site at an abandoned factory. The place was going to get demolished not long after that so I decided to take some reminder image of myself. I liked the way the cool evening light came down in the locker room and I positioned myself accordingly...

Some are always smiling

A friendly face during the Edfu Temple visit in Egypt.

The bored guard

It's hot in Egypt, for everyone...

The sands of time

Hatshepsut temple area, Egypt.

Awaiting our arrival

A view from the top of the Hatschepsoet Temple, Egypt. it was a scorching hot midday sun.